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What we do 

Aquabirths hire Birth Pools to Mums who would like to experience an active water birth, either at home or in hospital. We also stock essential maternity and baby items through our online shop.

Why we do it

We believe that ALL women should be given the CHOICE of a water or home birth and we are here to help them make that choice in a fully-informed and supported way.

We also know from personal experience (we have 5 children of our own, all but 1 of whom have been water births) that a home birth can be a beautiful, natural and empowering experience. We want ALL women to have the choice for a water birth if they want one. 

What our Customers say about us

“The water pool was great! It made such a difference to my home birth. I jumped in almost as soon as the contractions started and stayed put throughout, giving birth in the water. I'm so pleased that I was able to labour without resort to drug based pain relief - I know that I couldn't have done it without the pool." (Debra B)

"Like the birth experience, the assistance of Aqua Births in delivering and returning the pool was fantastic.  Aquabirths provide a fully professional but also holistic service.  Thank you very much for your support." Lilla Tann

“I had a second home birth.  It all went as planned and I used the pool for labour and birthing.  I can’t imagine not using water and I feel it really helped and felt very natural.  It felt supportive and warm and seemed to help relax me. I’ve now had two home births using the pool with shortish labours, no complications and no stitches. I also used hypno-birthing techniques and they helped a lot to manage pain and help me stay relaxed and in control.” (Ellen Green)

“I’m so glad Susan recommended you.  You’re terrific and have greatly enhanced my pregnancy.”  (Caroline)

“Aquabirths at Home have provided everything I could ask for.”  (Sharon Middleton)

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